Pyrenees 2011
08-21 St Jean de Luz
The beach at St Jean de Luz
08-22-01 Col dAubisque
The Col d'Aubisque
08-22-02 Col dAubisque-1
The Col d'Aubisque
08-22-03 En route
En route between the Col D'Aubisque and the Col de Soulor
08-22-04 Col d’Aspin
Col d'Aspin - Pic du Midi in distance
08-22-05 They were right
Thankfully France has fewer cows on the road than Spain
08-23-01 SW from Superbagneres
View SW from Superbagnères
08-23-02 SE from Superbagneres
View SE from Superbagnères
08-24-01 Luchon twinned
Bagnères-de-Luchon is twinned with Harrogate
08-24-02 Luchon crepes et cidre
Colin tucking in to crepes and cidre at Luchon
08-25-01 Pic du Midi
Pic du Midi from Col d'Aspin
08-25-02 Second cable car
Pic du Midi from bottom of second cable car
08-25-03 Cable car mid station from top
Second cable car from top of Pic du Midi
08-25-05 Bagnères-de-Bigorre
Bagnères-de-Bigorre from Pic du Midi
08-25-06 Griffon Vulture from above
Looking down on Griffon vulture from Pic du Midi
08-25-07 Pic Bar
We weren't sure about the goblins -
08-25-08 Pic Restaurant
so we ate in the restaurant
08-28-02 At the Micklethwaites
Alison and Mick
08-28-02 At the Micklethwaites1
Colin, Alison and Mick
08-28-02 Clean bike
The bike gets a much-needed clean
08-29-01 Frugal Fresh Fantastic
A quick but tasty lunch
08-29-02 Micks booze
Micklethwaite kitchen table
08-30-01 Hairpins above La Malene
The top half of the hairpins down to the Tarn at La Malène
08-30-02 La Malene
La Malène
08-30-03 La Malene
La Malène
08-30-04 Gorge du Tarn downstream
Gorge du Tarn downstream from the Pointe Sublime
08-30-05 Gorge du Tarn upstream
Gorge du Tarn upstream from the Pointe Sublime
08-31-01 Rocamadour
08-31-02 Old gate
Rocamadour - gate into old town
08-31-03 Main St looking back
Rocamadour - looking back to old gate
08-31-04 1000-yr-old fresco
Rocamadour - fresco at the mid-level sanctuaries
08-31-05 View from Sanctuaries
Rocamadour - sanctuaries
08-31-06 View from Chateau
Rocamadour - old town from the Chateau at the top
09-03 Dog outside Guggenheim
Guggenheim Museum